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gumi Cryptos Capital Statement on Equality

I read this post called “How to get a job in Venture Capital” and I wanted to share it here. Pedro Sorrentino is a super nice guy and is promoting a culture of Venture Capital that I truly believe in. Most of the content on this blog was written pre-covid and before the protests associated […]

Gambarō: Let’s Bravely Produce Effort

The featured image here is me crossing the finish line of the 2008 San Francisco Marathon. In the Japanese language and culture, there is a unique word, gambaru which I translate to mean “bravely producing effort”. This word captures something deeply essential in Japanese culture, and is a deep value held in Japanese society. The […]

gumi Cryptos Capital: Being Bold When Others Are Fearful

Warren Buffett is quoted as having said “Be bold when others are fearful and be fearful when others are bold.” We educate ourselves by reading and learning from excellent investors and entrepreneurs–here is our reading list. This quote summarizes one important dimension across which a person or a firm can maintain a contrarian view and […]

Cryptocurrency “W Shaped” Recovery Thesis

Hi, Miko here. I know people have been talking about crypto spring and enjoying the warm weather and rise in the price of Bitcoin. None of this blog post should be considered investment advice. There is even talk of a “V” shaped recovery, or sharp rebound. I think we have seen a recent lift, as […]

Durable Conviction: How do I Convince a VC to Invest in my Startup?

What is the currency of Venture Capital? If you were to say USD you would be partially correct. The deeper view is that Venture Capital is an exchange between relatively stable fiat currencies into monetary instruments that can return significant multiples on invested capital, most often equity in startups. What is the basis for that […]

The Mind of a VC: Reading List

Here are the books I would recommend that would help you understand how we think. Required Reading about Early Stage Investment This book explains the power law distribution of venture returns which is powerfully instructive about how VCs behave and why, and what job they do on behalf of their partnerships. It describes phenomena like […]

Getting your startup funded by gumi Cryptos

Hello, Miko here. I am a General Partner with gumi Cryptos. We are one of few providers of early stage crypto funding for startups (we fund in USD but the projects we fund are crypto related), and we would like to help entrepreneurs understand the process and how to work with gumi Cryptos to get […]

Investment Criteria: are you a fit for gumi Cryptos?

Hello. The first step in getting financing from gumi Cryptos is to establish fit. If your investment opportunity does not fit our thesis or fund objectives, we can’t invest. Our investment criteria is expressed by this short questionnaire: Is your investment opportunity angel, pre-seed, seed or series A? Do you use blockchain technology or provide […]

How to be a VC and not act like an entitled douchebag

Hi, Miko here. This blog post is supposed to be a guide on how do your job as a Venture Capitalist and yet not to act like an entitled jackass. The problem is, I am not sure how to do that. After 30 years of entrepreneurship, I have seen many VCs act like Ivy League […]

Our Fund Thesis

We have a rather large and complex thesis, but broadly speaking we believe that blockchain technologies enable a transformation of the Internet, the Economy and Society. We believe that we are in the early days of this transformation. Imagine that we are in the year 1989 before the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) was introduced by […]